Jay Chou’s fans are unhappy with the amount of guest stars at his concerts

The multi-hyphenate intends to continue inviting his friends onstage anyway


Taiwanese multi-hyphenate Jay Chou is popular - both with his fans, and fellow celebrity colleagues as well.

Recently, Jay took to his Instagram to promote the newest releases of pop band CUG, whom Jay is friends with. In his first caption, he joked, “If this MV doesn’t exceed a million views, I’ll invite them to sing at my concert”, before following up with, “(This is) a music video that was shot so seriously, that I won't release my new song if nobody watches it”.

However, a number of fans took the opportunity to air out some grievances that they had toward’s Jay’s habit of inviting guests stars on-stage at his concerts.

“Please don’t bring them on-stage at your concert”,  one wrote, while another pleaded for Jay’s concert to “only feature Jay”.

After seeing the response on his posts, Jay decided to reply a number of fans, cheekily declaring that he “insists on” inviting guest stars to his concert.


Photos: PBE Media, Jay Chou/Instagram

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