Jay Chou forbids wife from doing kissing scenes in new racing film

But Hannah Quinlivan does not intend to abide by her husband’s instructions

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Production costs for Jay Chou-produced racing car flick Sky Fire (unconfirmed title) was originally estimated to be NT$160 million (approximately S$7.11 million), but production costs “have been jumping on a daily basis” since filming began, according to co-producer Rio Peng.

He added that they are unable to estimate the projected increase in production cost and said that they have smashed at least five cars on set so far. Each time a car is smashed, they’d buy a new vehicle to replace it for the film.

According to co-producer Will Liu, they also have a team of technicians on standby to repair the vehicles immediately and director Chen Yixian estimated that they have spent at least NT$40 million (approximately S$1.77 million) on repairs works so far, adding, “We’ve repaired them at least 20 to 30 times, it’d be repaired each time it gets bumped.”

Filming for Sky fire began two months ago in Malaysia at Johor Bahru’s Pinewood Iskander Malaysia Studio and wrapped last weekend, before the second round of filming began in Taiwan this week. Based on his social media updates, Jay regularly flew to Malaysia for the project, as well as visit his wife Hannah Quinlivan, who is the lead actress of this film.

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Apart from backing this project financially, Jay also discussed the shots and angles with the director every night.

“Jay is really concerned about Hannah’s performance, because when Hannah doesn’t smile she comes across especially fierce. As he understands her, he’ll give her some acting suggestions to build layers in her expressions,” the director added.

While Jay has no qualms about the movie’s soaring production costs, he specifically instructed the team not to let Hannah partake in any overly dangerous action stunts, so they had to enlist the help of a stunt double on set. 

The director also shared that Jay did not give them the green light to film kissing scenes between Hannah and lead actor Tsao Yu-ning. “[He] did say no filming [kissing scenes], but we may not necessarily listen to him.”

Hannah, who was also present at the round table interviews, chimed in defiance, “I’ll do whatever the director wants me to do!”

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