Jay Chou vows to cut bubble tea from diet to look good in ‘xXx 4’

Will this bubble tea fiend be able to stay away from tapioca balls and milk tea?

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It’s time for Jay Chou to hit the gym again.

The Taiwanese multi-hyphenate said so himself when it was announced that he will be joining the xXx franchise and acting alongside Hollywood actor Vin Diesel in the fourth film. He won’t be the only Asian face featured in the movie, Chinese actress Zoe Zhang was also announced as part of the cast lineup yesterday.

In an interview with Variety, Jay shared that he had met DJ [Caruso, the director of xXx 4] a couple of times over the past few months, saying, “I am looking forward to working with him and Vin in bringing this film to global audiences.”

This movie marks Jay’s third outing in a Hollywood film – he made his debut in The Green Hornet playing Kato and most recently starred in Now You See Me 2.

Following the announcement of his participation in xXx 4, Jay wrote on Instagram: “Time to quit the bubble tea and hit the gym again! The movie is gonna be super exciting! Thank you DJ Caruso.”

He added several hashtags, “wife acts with the rock” and “husband acts with Vin Diesel” seemingly to tease his wife Hannah Quinlivan, who had worked with the Hollywood actor in Skyscraper, about his upcoming collaboration with Vin.

News of Jay’s collaboration with Vin was not the only thing that got fans excited. Taiwanese basketballer Jeremy Lin, who is a good friend of the singer, commented, “The next time I see you with a cup of bubble tea, I’m going to throw it away immediately.”

Jay replied, saying, “You should buy me another cup [of bubble tea] the next time you see me finish a cup of bubble tea.”

Not ready to give up his favourite drink, the father-of-two even solicited body-shaping tips from celebrity fitness trainer Hulk on Instagram, asking, “How do I consume bubble tea and keep my abs at the same time?”

We’d love to know too.

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