Jay Chou joins Mayday at Shanghai concert for “Friday” reunion

The audience was treated to the first live rendition of ‘Won’t Cry’ by both Jay and Mayday’s Ashin.


Earlier this month, a rumoured guest list for rock band Mayday’s Shanghai concerts was leaked on Weibo. The concerts were scheduled to take place on October 25, 26, 27, 31, and from November 1 to 3.

Among the many celebrity names listed, one stood out in particular: multi-hyphenate Jay Chou. Jay’s latest single ‘Won’t Cry’ features Mayday frontman Ashin, and Jay himself had just wrapped up his Shanghai concerts a week earlier, which lent credibility to the rumours.

To the delight of fans, on October 25, Jay indeed took to the stage at Mayday’s concert. The audience was then treated to the first live rendition of ‘Won’t Cry’ featuring both Jay and Ashin, after which the band and Jay joined forces to perform Mayday’s ‘Stubborn’, followed by Jay’s ‘Nunchucks’.

Previously, Jay had joked that he should form a band with the Mayday members called “Zhou Wu” (“Friday”, a combination of Mayday’s Chinese name, Wu Yue Tian, and his surname Zhou) so that they can all sing from Monday to Friday.

With October 25 falling on a Friday itself, many fans commented that it was indeed the “best day” for Jay to guest at Mayday’s concert.


Jay also brought much laughter when he revealed that he had put on his earpiece way before he was due on stage in order to enjoy an “exclusive Mayday concert”. However, his experience was soon ruined by the repeated whisperings of the staff members on the shared system, who had noticed that Ashin’s collar was crooked.

“Lead singer, lead singer, your collar is crooked,” Jay recounted, to the amusement of the audience.

“Don’t eavesdrop on our conversations! The things that are said on that channel are a secret you cannot tell,” Ashin replied swiftly, making a pun with Jay’s song, ‘Secret’.

Undeterred, Jay went on to share that he noticed Ashin swiftly turning around and adjusting his collar quietly during the very next interlude.

“I really admire you guys for having such great staff members who remind you [about such things],” said Jay. “It’s really so great to be able to have band members to banter back and forth with; during my concerts, it’s just me talking to myself.”

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