If there was a poll on which star is the father and husband of the year, Jay Chou would definitely be the front-runner. The dad-of-two was recently spotted in the Taipei European School (TES), a posh international school in Taipei’s Shilin District, and now tongues are wagging that he was there to enroll his two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Hathaway in the institute. The school is said to be the school of choice for the rich and elite and student enrolment is reportedly highly competitive, which explains why Jay was there in person. Also, prospective students must possess an overseas passport and a parent must be present for the interview process before the kid is successfully enrolled into the school. Another interesting fact about TES? Its yearly school fees, according to sources, are a whopping NT700, 000 (S$32,000), though that’s probably chump change to Jay, who’s worth an estimated NT6bil (S$270mil).

After all this is the guy who, when wife Hannah Quinlivan gave birth to Hathaway, spent NT2.2mil (S$99,000) to book out the entire floor of a post-natal care centre so Hannah could have her confinement period in private. And let’s not forget how he splurged NT600mil (S$27mil) on a penthouse with a 360-degree bird’s eye view of Taipei so Hannah and his two kids, Hathaway and Romeo, can live in style.

It’s been said that Jay likes TES ’cos he favours the more laissez faire style of education in Europe as well as how the school has internationally-acclaimed music teachers in its faculty. When asked if the rumours of him enrolling Hathaway into TES is true, Jay’s management said: “We don’t discuss his private life with him.”


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