Jay Chou, Hannah Quinlivan not ruling out prospect of having third child

However, the couple isn't actively trying for one at the moment


A celebrity’s job often brings them all over the world.

For celebrity couple Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan, this is even more so. Just last month, Hannah was in Paris, France for the Paris Fashion Week, with Jay, as well as their two kids, Hathaway, 3, and Romeo, 1.

Last Thursday (April 4), Hannah made an appearance at a brand event in Hong Kong, where she shed more light on their family's jet-setting ways. The 25-year-old shared that she likes to bring Hathaway and Romeo overseas whenever she can, to allow them to learn more before they start kindergarten. 

“I hope that before they start school at (the age of) four, I can bring them overseas, to other countries. They’ve learnt horse riding in France, as well as gone to a number of science museums. I hope that this will help them to realise their potential,” she explained.

When asked if she had plans for a third child, Hannah laughed that Jay often vies with Hathaway and Romeo for attention. However, she let on that they are “not ruling out the idea” of a third child, though they are not actively trying for one at the moment.

Hannah also revealed that Hathaway and Romeo have differing personalities. “Romeo is more gentle, while Hathaway is very boisterous. Romeo often follows his older sister, so I’ll tell her to be a good role model for her younger brother.”

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