Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan tied the knot in a fairytale wedding in January 2015, and have since welcomed two children, Hathaway, 4, and Romeo, 2.

The couple, who often shares snippets of their married life online, flew to Florence, Italy, to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary and uploaded numerous pictorial-worthy snaps on their respective social media platforms since arriving.

In particular, netizens were bemused by Hannah’s post, where she gave the viral 10-year challenge her own spin by posting two photos that they had taken at the exact same spot five years apart. Many pointed out that both Jay and Hannah seem to have aged backwards, while many others congratulated the couple for having made it so far together.

Jay,  who often posts tongue-in-cheek captions with his Instagram posts, made a short, yet romantic, declaration to Hannah with his post, which read, “We gonna start this romantic adventure “Back to Back” Happy Anniversary (sic)”.

However, his cheeky nature was soon unveiled again as he uploaded Instagram stories of his fans, captioning it with, “My fans are trying to copy my pose at the same place, but they didn’t realize that I’m just up stairs (sic).”

In the numerous photos uploaded by the pair, there has been no sign of Hathaway nor Romeo, which prompted netizens to wonder if the couple is enjoying time alone, with some going as far as wondering if baby number three will be conceived at the end of this anniversary trip.

Photos: PBE Media

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