Jay Chou gets ‘fat-shamed’ by friend

The post-concert message he received from lyricist Vincent Fang wasn’t quite what he expected

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Jay Chou joined the world of Instagram last August, and his sometimes-hilarious posts have tickled netizens since the Mandopop king decided to broaden his presence on social media. One such example was when he asked his followers how he should go about obtaining the blue tick on his account that proves that his account is verified.

Over the weekend, he gave netizens a good laugh once again with a post he made after his concert in Malaysia, which was a snap that his friend, lyricist Vincent Fang, sent to him. In the photo, Vincent holds a cup of bubble tea, edited to look bigger than in reality, and positioned it such that Jay’s concert poster looks as though he’s enjoying the beverage.

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Jay captioned the snap with, “After the concert yesterday, Vincent sent me a short but touching message, “You’ve worked hard. You had to work so hard even though you caught a cold… Have a drink and get a good rest!” The message was accompanied by this photo, which left Jay “speechless”.

Recently, the singer has been poked fun at by netizens for “breaking records with the amount of weight he put on”, to which Jay has responded that he “looks slimmer if you don’t look at me through a camera… However, I’ll still continue drinking bubble tea.”

It was previously reported that Jay has a sweet tooth and is especially fond of bubble tea, which could have contributed to his recent weight gain.

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In related news, Jay’s wife, Hannah Quinlivan, uploaded a snap of herself wearing a pullover with a very unique design. In her post, she wrote, “[Our daughter] Hathaway drew this when we were in LA few month ago, finally made it out that I could wear !when did you learn to sign on ur own art (sic)”.

Netizens commented that her top not only looked good, but also had a special meaning to it, with some asking her to print one in a larger size for her husband to wear as well.

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