Jay Chou gets ‘fat-shamed’ by fans

It seems like the Mandopop king can never catch a break

jay chou fat shamed

Back in January this year, Jay Chou was on the receiving end of a tongue-in-cheek fat shaming session by his close friend, lyricist Vincent Fang. This happened after he was poked fun at by netizens for “breaking records with the amount of weight he put on”, and Jay has taken all of this in his stride, laughing at himself from time to time as well.

Yesterday, he became the butt of his fans’ jokes once again – this time, unintentionally as he uploaded a video of himself performing a magic trick after concluding his concert.

In the video, he blew into a plastic bag and tapped it as a cherry tomato appeared in the bag. The Mandopop king was the epitome of suaveness as he kept his shades on throughout the video and pulled off his magic trick perfectly, but one small detail was picked up by netizens: his double chin.

Some of the comments included, “This double chin! Please focus a little more on your image!” and “His double chin at the last part of this video is adorable”. Other fans, however, took it upon themselves to try to get the help of Jay’s wife, Hannah Quinlivan, to step in and stage an intervention so that her superstar husband will be able to prevent his double chin from growing.

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