Jay Chou criticised for “making use” of his fans to boost Hannah Quinlivan’s movie ticket sales

Netizens are less than impressed with Mrs. Chou’s acting chops

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Taiwanese multi-hyphenate Jay Chou has always been supportive of his wife, Hannah Quinlivan’s career. He even promoted her upcoming movie, Sky Fire, at his Shanghai concert last month, asking his fans to support it when it is released in theatres on December 12.

On November 13, he once again rallied for support for Sky Fire, posting a screenshot of upcoming movies on his Instagram stories. Among which was Sky Fire. His caption read, “Everyone should know that I want to be first in everything”.

He added that he checked out an entertainment app and noticed that only 44,653 users recommended Sky Fire as a movie that they are keen on watching. In comparison, other films such as Gone With The Light and Jumanji: The Next Level, which will be released a day after Sky Fire, have amassed over 120,000 recommendations each.

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While some fans took it as him trying to be supportive of his wife, others took it the other way, slamming him for “making use of his fans”.

They added that Hannah’s acting chops have been less than spectacular since she made her debut as her actress, and that Jay’s “hard selling” of his wife will do nothing but get more hate for her.

Among the comments were, “Hannah Quinlivan should just give up on acting”, “She’s never been outstanding, but he’s pushing her so hard. Isn’t this just awkward for everyone?” and “Just because you’re Jay Chou, it doesn’t mean that we have to like Hannah Quinlivan too.”

Another was more practical, saying, “If you really want to support her that much, just buy out an entire cinema’s worth of tickets and you can enjoy watching the movie yourself.”

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