Jay Chou and Mayday’s Ashin suffer social media crisis

In today’s internet age, online imposters are a penny a dozen


Taiwanese multi-hyphenate Jay Chou and Ashin, the frontman of Taiwanese rock band Mayday, have always had a good relationship. Last year, Jay guested at one of Mayday’s concert, where he even declared that he wanted to join the band.

However, on Thursday (March 28), Jay went public with screenshots of a text exchange with Ashin, which humoured fans to no end.

It turns out that while on holiday in Europe, Jay, who is an avid Instagram user, had noticed an account that appeared to be Ashin among his many followers.

Curious to find out if the account was the real deal, Jay fired off a series of private messages to test if it was indeed his friend.


“Are you the real Ashin?” he asked. Jay then posted a screenshot of the messages on his account, with the caption, “Let’s see if he’ll have the guts to reply.” Soon enough, the account replied, with Jay posting more screenshots of their conversation.

“I'm the real Ashin. You can test me,” the person on the other end replied, with Jay quickly posing a question that only Ashin would know the answer to. 

“When I was at your Paris concert, what magic trick did I show?” Jay asked. However, Ashin then turned the tables on Jay, writing, “Wait, how do I know that you’re the real Jay? What if you merely stole his pictures to upload on your own account?” 

Jay responded with, “I’ve already said that I showed you a magic trick (during the Paris concert). You can’t tell me (what it was), can you?”

“This person… Is really asking for a beating,” Jay wrote in his caption, adding, “Should I ask him to post a picture of himself digging his nose before believing him?” 


However, it turns out that their ‘conflict' was soon resolved without the need for Ashin to post such a horrifying selfie. 

Jay later uploaded a screenshot of Ashin’s Facebook page, where the latest post read, “Urgent question. If there’s someone who’s unsure if you’re real or an impostor, how do you convince the other party?”

“Teacher Lin.. you’re real,” Jay wrote in his caption. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner…?”

Fans were tickled pink by their hilarious exchange, with some wondering why they didn’t text each other instead of resorting to such a dramatic exchange. 

Photos: PBE Media

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