Jasper Chan appears calm in the face of 'rejection'

The 5-year-old looked uncannily like his father as he struck a cool pose


Hong Kong actress Cherrie Ying tickled the funny bones of everyone recently with her Weibo post.

The actress shared that she had met up with an old friend, Taiwanese actress Terri Kwan and that the duo’s children were herded off to play together while their mothers caught up with each other.

In the pictures that the actress shared, however, her son, 5-year-old Jordan Chan, did not seem to be getting on well with Terri’s daughter, 4-year-old C.C. 

C.C, who was wearing a grey dress, was looking to the side with a disgruntled expression on her face, while Jasper, who was standing beside her, looked off into the distance with his hands in his pockets and a smile on his face.

jasper 2

“I know that Jasper is not your daughter’s type, look at my son’s awkward and yet polite smile,” she laughed in her caption, adding a selfie together with Terri.

After Cherrie posted the pictures, some fans noted that Jasper’s pose and expression looked uncannily like his father. Hong Kong actor Jordan Chan.

Jordan and Cherrie tied the knot in 2010 in Hong Kong Disneyland and welcomed Jasper in 2013. The family gained attention after Jordan and Jasper went on hit Chinese reality TV series, Where Are We Going Dad?

Photos: PBE Media

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