Jason Hsu successfully proposes to model girlfriend

The 5566 member announced his newly-engaged status on social media yesterday.


Congratulations are in order for 5566 member, Taiwanese singer-actor Jason Hsu. The 34-year-old shared on his Instagram yesterday (Nov 14) that he has successfully proposed to his girlfriend, Taiwanese model Bernice Chao. 

When contacted for a comment, Jason’s manager shared that the couple first got to know each other through work. After dating for a year and a half, both Jason and Bernice felt that they were ready to take their relationship to the next level.

“Jason has been planning to propose for a while. He was busy with (5566’s) concert tour, and had to fly to different countries for work before this. It was only recently when his schedule eased up. Jason proposed on November 13, and decided to share the news with everyone the day after,” Jason’s manager shared.


It turns out that Jason picked up Bernice in his car after she ended work for the day on Wednesday (Nov 13). After reaching Yangmingshan National Park, Jason picked out a suitable spot before getting down on bended knee to ask for her hand in marriage.

Apart from the newly-engaged couple, two of their non-celebrity friends were present as well to help take pictures and videos of the special moment.

When reached for a comment, Jason’s ex-girlfriend, Taiwanese actress Aiya Chang replied through her manager, “Even if the other party isn’t me, I’d still wish him happiness”. Aiya and Jason had dated for four years before breaking up in early 2017.

Photos: PBE Media

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