Jasmine Sokko reaches Top 15 in ‘Rave Now’

Many are watching with bated breath to see how far she will go in this contest

jasmine sokko

Singaporean singer-producer Jasmine Sokko, who made a splash on the debut episode of popular Chinese electronic music reality programme, Rave Now, has made it to the quarter-finals of the show - an impressive feat as she is the only female producer and Singaporean artiste left in the running.

Her latest performance saw her performing her debut single ‘1057’, but with a twist – after obtaining celebrity member Lay Zhang’s vocal samples, she mixed it into the track, which was then performed in front of the judges.

The EXO member has continuously showed his support for Jasmine’s music, and Chinese singer-actor Wowkie Zhang also showed his appreciation for her musicality. While electronic pop starlet Laure Shang was not fully convinced by Jasmine’s latest performance, the singer still has time to showcase her chops in the coming rounds.

Jasmine has also started a Weibo account after gaining fans from her performances, and has since gathered over 26,000 followers, with whom she shares her performances and snippets of her life.

The winner of Rave Now, which airs every Saturday on Tencent Video,  will be given the chance to perform at Tomorrowland 2019, one of the world’s biggest and notable music festivals. The event, which was held in Boom, Belgium, was attended by over 400,000 in 2018.

Photos: Jasmine Sokko/Weibo

Jasmine Sokko is the next Singaporean making waves in China

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