Janine Chang is enjoying life as a singleton

The actress brushed off the reports deeming her a ‘spinster'


In the days after Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-ling’s marriage announcement, all eyes have turned to the other ‘spinsters’ of the entertainment industry, with a number of reporters pressing them about their relationship status.

Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu, who’s currently in a stable relationship with cinematographer Liu You Nian, was asked if she’d consider tying the knot soon like Chi-ling. Now, the spotlight is on Taiwanese actress Janine Chang, who’s currently single.

When a reporter asked the 36-year-old about her relationship status at a recent event, Janine couldn’t help but to laugh once she heard the word “spinster”.

“There should be someone who will eventually sweep me off my feet,” she answered.

“That special someone might have taken the bus to the wrong stop, taking one big round instead. He should be coming any time now,” Janine continued.

Janine also shared that while she’s never worked together with Chi-ling officially, they’ve met each other on a plane once. The duo also have a number of mutual friends. Janine expressed her happiness when she heard that Chi-ling had tied the knot, praising the model for her beauty.

Looking back at her own relationship history, Janine shared that she does not remember an instance where “friendship turned into love”, like Chi-ling and Akira.

“I probably should go home and take another look at my contacts, to hit up the friends who I’ve fallen out of touch with,” she joked.

Janine has only publicly admitted to her former relationship with IT CEO Kai Huang, although they’ve since parted ways in 2016. 

Photos: PBE Media

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