Janine Chang denies claims of her being a femme fatale

Her love life has been in the spotlight after Taiwanese Roy Chiu declared to the media that he was trying to win her heart


Earlier last month, Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu admitted to the media that he is “currently pursuing” Taiwanese actress Janine Chang. The duo, who starred alongside each other in the upcoming movie, Eight-Year-Old Dad had been spotted by paparazzi leaving Roy’s house together, and getting into the same car.

However, Janine was less effusive in her replies to media queries, simply thanking the media for their concern in a response shared by her manager.

Since then, reports have popped up claiming that Janine had “rejected” Roy’s advances due to her mother’s disapproval. Roy is said to have previously dated Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang, as well as Taiwanese actresses Joe Chen, Tia Lee, as well as Chinese actress Tiffany Tang. He has also acquired a reputation for being a cheater, with his exes referring to their relationship with Roy in less-than-positive terms.

As a result, fans of Janine have lauded the actress’s move, criticising Roy as being “not worthy” of the actress.

However, a weekly magazine in Taiwan has come forward with a new report, citing information from a reader of the magazine, who had written in via snail-mail with information about Janine’s “femme fatale ways”. According to the reader, Janine is an expert at “push-pull relationships”.

According to the information, a CEO of a lingerie company, Charles Chen was a big fan of Janine, and had repeatedly courted the actress to become an endorsement model for his brand.

Despite repeated rejections, the CEO did not give up, increasing the endorsement fees, and even changing the contract so that Janine would not have to show too much skin. The final endorsement fee was reported to be as high as NT$1 million (S$360,000).


After the shoot for the lingerie brand, Janine allegedly left two handwritten “thank-you cards” for Charles, which included a picture of her in the company’s lingerie.

The message in the cards reportedly read, “Dear Charles, don’t neglect your health just because you’re busy! Sending the most heartfelt well-wishes to you”, and “Dear Charles, as sweet as you are, surely you have to accept the well-wishes of your friends! Wishing for your hotel to prosper in 2015, (and for your brand's) continued success”.

Following the endorsement deal, Janine and Charles became friends, with Janine going over to his house for drinks even when the latter was attached. The magazine’s informant even went on the record to share that according to Charles himself, he had “hugged and kissed” Janine then.

Janine and Charles were said to have gone out for meals a number of times, with Charles treating Janine and her mother. Even when it came to presents, Charles also made sure to gift Janine two of everything, so that her mother would have a share as well. However, when it came to the time to renew the contract for the lingerie endorsement deal, Charles could not meet the asking price of Janine’s mother. Eventually, Janine and Charles drifted apart from each other.

However, Janine’s work studio has come forward to refute the reports.

“Janine Chang has always focused on her acting (career) and philanthropic work. However, because of a false report published by a certain weekly magazine, Miss Janine Chang’s reputation has taken a hit. Our studio expresses our deep regret. We hope that the media and netizens will stop spreading news related to this, to eliminate the influence (this report has had on Janine’s reputation). Our work studio retains our rights to pursue this matter legally,” they wrote in a statement.

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