South Korean actors Shin Sung Rok, Jang Na Ra and Choi Jin Hyuk attended the press conference of their new TV series The Last Empress in Seoul on November 20.

In the drama, which is set in a modern day South Korea that is governed by a constitutional monarchy, Na Ra plays a musical theatre actress who marries the Emperor, played by Sung Rok, but falls in love with a bodyguard, played by Jin Hyuk.

Na Ra admitted that because of Sung Rok's past roles, she thought he might be a bad person in real life as well. However, after getting to know him on set, she realised that he is actually a very kind and smart person. She then promised that if the show ratings exceed 25 percent, the cast will invite viewers to hang out at Gungnamji Pond.

Jin Hyuk injured himself while filming a fight scene and needed 30 stitches. He attended the press conference with a bandage over his right eyes. "I should have been more careful," he said apologetically.

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