Janet Hsieh had a miscarriage three months ago

The host was in the middle of hosting a variety programme when the miscarriage happened


Taiwanese-American host Janet Hsieh and her husband, Singapore-based actor George Young welcomed their son, Egan in 2017. Since then, the couple has made their desire for a second child known, with Janet sharing in an interview last year that they hope to try for a second child once Egan is a little older.

At a press conference yesterday, Janet met with the media, where she revealed that she suffered a miscarriage in May.

At the time, Janet had yet to confirm the news of her pregnancy with the gynaecologist although she had a hunch that she was pregnant. However, it turns out that the day she confirmed her pregnancy with the gynaecologist was the day the first signs of her miscarriage appeared.

“My entire face was white then, and I kept getting hot and cold flashes,” she recounted. 

When she found out that she had miscarried, Janet was actually hosting an episode of a variety kids programme. George was not in Taiwan at that time due to work commitments. As Janet did not want anyone to worry, she did not go to the doctor's, nor did she tell anyone.

“While I was hosting the programme, I allowed my body to slowly adapt, so that it will pass out naturally,” she said.

Janet admitted that she was upset at that time, but slowly came to realise that she should be positive instead. As the miscarriage happened naturally, it might have been that the foetus was not healthy, or that her body was not ready to have a baby at the time.

The 39-year-old went on to share that she originally did not intend to share about her miscarriage. However, she hopes to be able to use her own experience to remind those who are in the same boat as her that a miscarriage is not anyone’s fault. Instead of blaming themselves, it would be better to face it positively, to take care of their bodies, before trying for another child.

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