Taiwanese-American model-turned-host Janet Hsieh and British actor George Young may have just welcomed baby Egan over a month ago, but the proud parents are already boasting about their kid’s good genes on social media.

Janet, 37, posted a photo with the caption written from seven-week-old Egan’s perspective: “I’ve discovered mirrors. Damn I look GOOOOOOD. I can lift up my big ole’ noggin (ie. my head) for a few seconds at a time now. Give it a few more weeks and my neck muscles are going to make Dwayne The Rock Johnson jealous.”

“It’s been confirmed. I have good genes. Of course, my parents have blessed me with strong facial muscles (perfect for making faces), long legs (for a 7 week old), and a fabulous hairline, but even more importantly, they have literally given me good genes. My genetics test has come back and so far so good!  Now, they can focus on other important things, like the color and texture of my poop and what kind of girlfriend I’m going to bring home in the future!”

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