Earlier this week, Janet Hsieh and George Young held a huge birthday bash to celebrate their son Egan’s first birthday which fell on Oct 11. They held a ‘zhua zhou’ ceremony (a traditional practice which requires a baby to pick a few items that will symbolise their future occupation) and a mini baby race that resulted in a mini meltdown from the birthday boy and other babies present.

The intrepid travel host also uploaded a birth vlog documenting the 38 hours she spent in labour to commemorate the special occasion. She recalled going through a difficult and long delivery in order to give birth to Egan via natural birth.

Janet was in her 41st week of pregnancy and one week overdue back then and she had no choice but to induce labour to minimise the risks that came with a prolonged pregnancy.

The video revealed details about her birthing process. After she was admitted into the hospital, she was first given medication to induce cervical softening and dilation so that she could give birth to Egan naturally. However, her cervix did not ripen even after 24 hours and the staff had no choice but to break her water bag to help induce labour.

She was beginning to feel drained but still insisted on having a natural birth, rejecting the doctor’s suggestion of doing a C-section. Due to the prolonged labour, however, she had to take an epidural jab to lessen her discomfort.

On the third morning, Janet’s cervix finally dilated and she entered labour under the accompaniment of her husband and family.

“Every pregnancy, every birth process is different. I want to share with you our hard work in bringing Egan into this world. I believe that this will bring back a lot of memories for all fellow mummies, I have a lot of mixed feelings about the 38 hours I spent in labour,” she said.

Photos: PBE Media

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