Jam Hsiao attended a promotional event for automobile giant Mercedes-Benz in Taipei on May 8.

The Taiwanese singer is known to be the proud owner of many vehicles, including a Rolls-Royce and a Porsche, while his good friend, fellow Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, was said to have splurged millions on a new Ferrari sports car.

When asked if they ever get together to discuss their love of sports cars, Jam clarified that he prefers elegant sedans over flashy sports cars.

Speaking of Jay, Jam took the opportunity to respond to the former’s recent jokes about Jam’s Instagram posts being very boring and pointless.

“Jay’s bark is worse than his bite,” he said. “I know that deep down inside, he actually likes my Instagram feed very much. He’s just like a father - he doesn’t want to be straightforward with his praise.”

Photos: TPG

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