Jam Hsiao reported to have fainted from stress

The singer is said to have been so stressed out from his Golden Melody Awards hosting gig that he lost 4 kilogrammes

jam hsiao faint stress

Jam Hsiao made headlines last month after he burst into tears during a live stream, where he admitted that the stress of hosting the Golden Melody Awards had affected him so badly that it was rare for him to smile for the 10 days leading up to the show.

At the time, he also shared that he was also suffering from post-event stress and would often wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. This led to many of his fans showing concern for his well-being, as this is the first time they had seen the singer buckle under stress.

Shortly after the Golden Melody Awards wrapped up, Jam flew back to China to film reality talent programme Zui You De Wo Men (loosely translated into The Best Side of Us). Recent reports have claimed that Jam’s hectic schedule, along with the amount of stress that he is facing, caused him to faint.

This news has shocked many of his fans, who worry that he might end up with depression if he does not receive the proper treatment from professionals.

However, his company has maintained its silence with regards to the reports, which has caused the speculation to go into overdrive. Many netizens showed their sympathy towards Jam, leaving comments on his various social media platforms such as, “If you’re unwell, don’t force yourself to work” and “The most important thing is your health, so please take care of yourself”.

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