Jam Hsiao overwhelmed by stress following hosting gig

The singer burst into tears during a live stream, admitting that the stress of hosting the Golden Melody Awards had affected him greatly


Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao, who is known for his brief and to-the-point answers during interviews, surprised everyone when it was announced that the 31-year-old would be hosting this year’s edition of the Golden Melody Awards.

In interviews before the awards show, the singer had joked that he was “prepared to be scolded” after his hosting gig, adding that he will be preparing intensely for it. 

However, his actual performance during the show went off without a hitch, as the singer bantered and conversed his way through the show with nary a stray word.

During a live stream on Facebook yesterday, however, Jam admitted that the stress of preparing for the gig had overwhelmed him, and broke down in tears.

At the start of the live stream, Jam thanked everyone who had helped him out in his hosting journey, from the backstage staff to his fellow celebrity colleagues. He also expressed his thanks to everyone who had believed that he’d be able to do a good job. Twenty minutes later, the singer started tearing up, although he lightened the mood by laughing that he has “always been a cry baby”. Jam added that if he did not let everything off his chest, he felt as if he “might get depression” from the whole affair.

He then referred to the hosting gig as a “one-time thing”, sharing that he was extremely stressed in the ten days leading up to the awards show, which was held on Saturday (June 23). During those ten days, it was rare for him to even smile. Now, even though the awards show is over, he still can’t sleep well, often waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, as if the awards show has yet to happen.

Jam revealed that he only returned to Taiwan from Shanghai, China, 15 days before the Golden Melody Awards, and that he immediately began rehearsing for it. During rehearsals, he was so nervous that he could barely breathe, and had to force himself to catch a breath. 

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