Jam Hsiao injures his hand during charity basketball match

He is expected to make a full recovery by the end of the month


American basketball star Jeremy Lin organised his third annual basketball charity game last weekend, with celebrities like Jay Chou, Jam Hsiao and Blackie Chen showing up to play against each other in a thrilling match. The stars eventually raised US$1.1 million (S$1.52 million) for charity.

The MVP was undoubtedly Jam, who scored a total of 46 points during the game. At one point, Jam even went up against Jeremy, who is 1.91m tall. However, Jam's enthusiasm also caused him to stumble and fall. As he broke his fall with his left hand, it took the most of the impact and soon started swelling up.


After the match, Jeremy called for his personal physical therapist to treat Jam’s injury. When contacted for a comment, Jam’s manager shared that the physical therapist administered some basic treatment for the singer.

“We'll keep checking on his injury and hopefully it’ll stop swelling by tomorrow,” the manager shared.

As Jam had a magazine shoot, as well as a recording session and dance rehearsal for his upcoming album scheduled in the days after the match, his manager shared that the injury might affect the singer’s ability to play basketball and the piano temporarily. However, he should be able to make a full recovery by the end of the month.

Photo: PBE Media

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