Jam Hsiao heartbroken by pet cat’s death

The cat lover wrote a lengthy post on Facebook to remember his deceased pet

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Jam Hsiao is a singer with a heart for stray animals and has as many as seven adopted cats and dogs living with him. In the wee hours of Sunday morning, the singer took to Facebook to express his sadness at the loss of his first and oldest pet cat ‘White Ash’ (or Bai Hui).

The 31-year-old was originally in Shenzhen, after playing at a charity basketball game organised by Jeremy Lin on Saturday, but quickly booked the first flight back to Taipei after learning of his pet cat’s demise.

“I’m on the way home and still in disbelief that you’re gone, can you wait a little longer for daddy? It’ll just take two hours, I really miss you,” he wrote.

According to Taiwan media, Jam’s eyes were swollen from crying as he mourned the loss of his cat and prepared for her funeral.

jam hsiao cat 2
Jam and 'Bai Hui' in 2010.

In the afternoon, a couple of hours after he was done settling her funeral, Jam followed up his first update with a lengthier post, reminiscing about his journey with ‘White Ash’ and how she has accompanied him through his showbiz journey.

“After I adopted her, I debuted in showbiz one or two years later. I’ve been in the industry for 11 years now and she has accompanied me for a good 13 years, but she is 17 this year and she’s a very old ‘big sister’. I haven’t been sharing photos of her in recent years because her health’s been poor, and it has been hard on her this lifetime,” he shared.

Jam also talked about moving homes 10 times with his cat and how she eventually grew to accept her adopted ‘brothers and sisters’. He ended the post with ‘I miss you’, still grieving at her sudden demise.

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