Jam Hsiao gets matching haircuts with Alyssa Chia’s daughter

The singer is a self-declared ‘die-hard fan’ of the 1-year-old


Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao had fans laughing over his antics on Instagram on Monday (February 11), with pictures of his new haircut.

The 31-year-old has often declared himself to be a ‘die-hard fan’ of Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia’s youngest daughter, 1-year-old Bobo. Jam, who is good friends with Alyssa, has also acknowledged the resemblance between him and Bobo, to the amusement of netizens.


On Monday, he posted a series of photos on Instagram, sharing his own “DIY haircut”. In the pictures, he could be seen sporting a bowl-like bob cut. Jam christened his new hairstyle as the “Bo Niu hairstyle”, after Bobo’s signature haircut, showing off his new locks.

Soon after, Alyssa herself left a comment on Jam’s post, conveying Bobo’s words to Jam. She joked that after Bobo saw the singer’s post, her response was a simple, “He really does love to copy me”. Alyssa’s husband, Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai also joined in the fray, commenting, “Next time, don’t cut your own hair!”.

After reading the couple’s comments, Jam then jokingly replied, “Next time, I’ll help you trim your hair as well. It looks unacceptable these days!”.

Photos: PBE Media

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