Jam Hsiao fractures his left pinky

The singer bore the pain for two weeks before seeking treatment

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Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao was reported to have fractured his left pinky finger two weeks ago during a game of basketball, but only sought treatment yesterday (June 4), when the pain became unbearable.

At the doctor’s, an X-ray scan revealed that the fracture has worsened into a small crack in the bone of his little finger due to delayed treatment, and the 31-year-old singer was given a shot of anesthetic in his finger joint to reduce inflammation. The doctor also advised him to avoid strenuous physical activities for the time being.

The news of his injury shocked many of his fans, as Jam did not give away any signs of pain during his piano accompaniment performance with fellow singer Lo Ta-yu at the Hito Music Awards two days ago (June 3), despite having his finger wrapped in a bandage during the show.

According to media reports, the singer refused to have his finger checked after injuring it as he was worried that the treatment will hinder his performance during his concerts at the Taipei Arena last month.

Despite his injury, there’s no time for rest as Jam has a packed work schedule. However, his manager, Summer, assured the media and fans that he will “not be allowed to play the piano or the drums” while waiting for his finger to recover. “We’ll see how things go after a few days of rest,” she said.

As for his upcoming Shanghai concert on June 9, Summer expressed her hopes that the singer would have recovered fairly well by then to perform.

Photos: PBE Media

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