Jam Hsiao “demands” payment from Jay Chou

The hilarious exchange happened after Jay declared that he’d foot the bill for Jam’s luxury purchase

jam hsiao

Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao posted a video of himself at a Louis Vuitton boutique on January 22 with a blue and white scarf wrapped around his neck. “I bought a scarf. Is it nice? But I haven’t paid for it yet…” he captioned the video.

The video, which was posted across Jam’s social media platforms, caught netizens’ attention as Jam’s close friend, Jay Chou, commented, “Big brother will buy it for you”. Soon after, Jam uploaded another clipshowing receipts totalling NT$272,900 (S$12,000) on his Instagram with the caption, “Jay Chou, even though I’m pretty capable, I can’t let my brother Jay Chou down! Big brother, you’re really nice! Please collect these receipts.”

While Jay did not immediately respond, Jam left a comment mentioning Jay’s Instagram handle multiple times, saying, “Brother! Don’t pretend that you didn’t see this!”

Jay eventually responded with a “…….”, seemingly speechless at his fellow singer’s antics. To make matters worse, Mayday’s Ashin commented on Jam’s original post, saying, “Can I have one too, big brother?”

This led to fans hilariously reminding Ashin that he is the big brother in this case, and that he shouldn’t be asking this of his fellow musicians.

It remains to be seen if Jay, who is currently still in Europe with his wife, Hannah Quinlivan, will eventually pay Jam back for his purchases. Fans shared that with Jay’s unique sense of humour, it’s possible that he ends up doing something entirely unexpected, and shared their excitement by asking Jay when he will return to Taiwan and reveal the answer.

Photos: PBE Media

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