Jacqueline Wong wants to reconcile with Kenneth Ma to save her career: Report

The actress has been staying out of the limelight after her cheating scandal made headlines


Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma has been put in an awkward position recently after his girlfriend, actress Jacqueline Wong, made headlines for having an affair with Andy Hui.

The actor had previously shared that he plans to marry her, and a recent ring purchase further fuelled speculation that he was ready to pop the big question and settle down with her. After the cheating scandal came to light, he quickly shared with the press that he is no longer angry with her, but did not confirm if they are still together.

It’s been over a week since the scandal broke, and Jacqueline is said to have locked herself at home, raising concerns about her mental health.

However, new reports from Hong Kong media claim that part of the reason for her doing so is because she is constantly trying to make up with Kenneth, who has dumped her. Her explanation to him is that she had too much to drink on the night of the incident, and still treasures their relationship.

Kenneth’s close friends are also said to be against him continuing with their relationship, especially after her colourful past was revealed.

Industry watchers claim that part of the reason why Jacqueline wants to reconcile with Kenneth is because her reputation is so tarnished that her only way out is to have him support her publicly. TVB Executive Virginia Lok previously shared that the actress is “not ready to face the public”, and the station has cancelled all her upcoming work plans indefinitely.

In related news, Jacqueline’s father was approached for a comment on his daughter’s scandal, to which he replied that he “doesn’t know what to say”.

Photo: PBE Media

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