Jacqueline Wong refused to leave her home for over a month after returning to Hong Kong

Her older sister has apparently been delivering food to her three times a day.

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Disgraced Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong returned to Hong Kong in December, eight months after leaving the country to avoid the intense media scrutiny over her cheating scandal with Andy Hui. Since returning back home, she has shied away from the spotlight, but that hasn’t stopped the public from watching her every move and speculating on her future plans.

She has been back in the city for over a month, and paparazzi have been camping out outside her house for the same amount of time. A report published by Hong Kong media this week claimed that the 30-year-old refuses to leave her home, and that her older sister, fellow actress Scarlett Wong, has resorted to delivering food to her three times a day.

However, Jacqueline finally stepped out of her home last week, and was bombarded with questions about her future plans, along with her thoughts on her ex-boyfriend Kenneth Ma’s recent Best Actor win at the 2019 TVB Anniversary Awards.

She declined to comment on any of the issues, and quickly left despite the reporters’ incessant questions.

After photos of Jacqueline were published along with the article, netizens noted that she looks like she has lost a significant amount of weight since returning back home. This has also raised concerns about her mental health, especially if she has been cooped up at home with nobody but her sister to speak to.

With her birthday coming up on January 23, netizens are curious to know if she will be having a celebration, or if she will be laying low this year to avoid incurring the wrath of netizens once again.

Photos: PBE Media

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