Jacqueline Wong makes tearful return to Hong Kong after eight-month hiatus

However, netizens weren’t happy with the actress’s statement at the airport.


Jacqueline Wong, who flew to Los Angeles to escape the intense public scrutiny after a dashboard video of her behaving intimately with married Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui was released in April this year, finally returned to Hong Kong last Friday (Dec 13).

As soon as the Hong Kong actress exited from the arrival hall, she was promptly greeted by a gaggle of reporters. The 30-year-old appeared nervous at first, and could be seen taking a few deep breaths before addressing the media. After getting through her first few sentences, she teared up and began crying.

“Hello everyone, it’s been a while. I’m very happy, because I’m finally home,” she said, thanking her friends, family, and colleagues for their understanding and support.

She also admitted to “making a mistake”, and that she had learnt her lesson. “But, at the same time, I feel that I have to move on. I wish to continue moving and looking forward,” she said.


When asked for a comment on her cheating scandal, Jacqueline said, “I’ve said all that I wish to say and all that I have to say in private, so I will no longer comment on this matter. This time round, I’m back to spend time with my family because I really haven’t seen them in so long. I hope that everyone can give me some space. Thank you for your concern.”

Jacqueline also declined to respond when asked if she intends to return to acting, emphasising that her priority right now is to spend time with her family. 

However, netizens were less than impressed with Jacqueline’s statement. Some even accused her of alerting the media to her return beforehand so that she could “test the waters” before making an acting comeback.

Others were also displeased that Jacqueline has never publicly apologised to Andy’s wife, Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng, even though the two of them used to be friends and went to the gym together.

On the other hand, there were also those who stood up for Jacqueline, questioning why the brunt of the anger fell on the actress, even though Andy was equally responsible for the cheating scandal.


When the cheating scandal broke, Jacqueline was dating Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma. While Jacqueline had quickly apologised for her actions, Kenneth remained silent at first before sharing that he was “not angry” at Jacqueline. Then, a few months later in July, he finally confirmed he had broken up with her.

In the months that followed, it was largely radio silence from Jacqueline. All her upcoming dramas were shelved, with Forensic Heroes IV dropping HK$10 million (approximately S$1.73 million) on a re-shoot to cut Jacqueline’s scenes out from the drama entirely.

In September, it was announced that the drama Finding Her Voice, which stars Jacqueline, had been selected by Hong Kong broadcaster TVB as one of their anniversary dramas. The drama aired in October, with Jacqueline’s scenes included.

Towards the end of the drama’s run, the actress broke her social media silence, uploading a post on her Instagram to share her thoughts when she found out that Finding Her Voice was to be broadcast in its entirety. She also thanked her colleagues and the viewers for their understanding.


Photos: PBE Media

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