It only took two years but Jacqueline Wong, who became known as Asia's most famous mistress after she was caught making out with Sammi Cheng's husband Andy Hui in the backseat of a car, has unfollowed both Sammi and Andy on Instagram.

This very useful piece of information was offered by netizens who have been watching the online activity of Jacqueline like a hawk over the past two years. 

Shockingly, Sammi is still following Jacqueline. And the video the pop diva posted of her and Jacqueline working out back in November 2018 is still on her feed.

While it's very possible that Jacqueline simply procrastinated and is now just spring cleaning her account, some netizens are inferring that Jacqueline unfollowing Sammi and Andy is her way of moving on from the scandal. 

And that has led netizens to say that she doesn't deserve to move on "so quickly" and so they continue to criticise her for her actions. 

Sammi, on the other hand, has been praised for being "gracious". Though we think she probably just can't be bothered to unfollow Jacqueline. 

"You can definitely tell who has a clear conscience here. Sammi is so well-mannered and deserves to only have good people in her life," wrote one netizen.