Jacqueline Wong breaks social media silence after seven months

“The emotion that I’ve been experiencing the most is fear.”

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It’s been radio silence from Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong for seven months. She was last spotted at an airport in the United States, hot on the heels of a cheating scandal involving her and married Hong Kong actor Andy Hui in April this year.

Since then, the media has been kept busy churning out articles speculating on the disgraced actress’s whereabouts. While some reports have stated that the 30-year-old had changed her name and is looking to start anew as a property agent overseas, others have claimed that Jacqueline is currently pregnant with Andy’s child, which is why she’s hiding out in America.

Back in September, it was reported that the drama Finding Her Voice, which stars Jacqueline, had been selected by Hong Kong broadcaster TVB as one of their anniversary dramas. As TVB had previously opted to spend HK$10 million (approximately S$1.73 million) to reshoot Jacqueline’s scenes for Forensic Heroes IV, many surmised that the company’s decision to include Finding Her Voice in their roster of anniversary dramas meant that Jacqueline will be returning to the spotlight soon.

However, Jacqueline was noticeably absent from all the promotional roadshows attended by the cast of Finding Her Voice, casting doubt on the theory that the actress will be returning to showbiz.

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Yesterday (Nov 10), Jacqueline took to her Instagram page for the first time since posting an apology for her involvement in the cheating scandal. The update featured a picture of her scripts for Finding Her Voice, as well as her thoughts upon finding out that her show had been selected as an anniversary drama.

Finding Her Voice went from being pulled off the broadcast schedule to being rumoured to be reshot. After that, it was decided that there will not be a reshoot, and it was ultimately selected as one of TVB’s anniversary dramas. I simply have too many mixed feelings about this. Other than feeling ecstatic that the drama will eventually be shown in its original form, in my heart, the emotion that I’ve been experiencing the most is fear,” she wrote.

The actress continued, “I’m scared that my actions have negatively affected the performance of the drama, and I’m scared that everyone’s efforts will go to waste. Now that there are only five episodes left, I would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who allowed Finding Her Voice to be broadcast, as well as all the viewers who watched it. Additionally, I’d like to thank my colleagues who worked on the drama alongside me for their understanding. I hope everyone has been well.”

Photos: PBE Media, Jacqueline Wong/Instagram

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