Jacqueline Wong's alleged history with married men

The actress has been romantically linked to a number of celebrities since her debut


On Tuesday (April 16), a dashboard video showing married Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui behaving intimately with Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong, who’s currently dating Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma, was revealed. Since then, Andy has held a press conference apologising for his actions, while Jacqueline has released a similar statement of apology.

However, reports have since emerged claiming that this is not Jacqueline’s first time cheating, nor is it her first time being the third party in a relationship. Jacqueline joined the entertainment industry after winning the Miss Hong Kong title in 2012, signing a contract with broadcasting agency TVB. In the seven years since her debut, the actress has been romantically linked to a number of celebrities.

In 2014, the actress was rumoured to have developed a special relationship with her Tomorrow Is A Better Day co-star, Hong Kong actor Lawrence Ng, who was married to Chinese actress Shek Yeung Chi at that time. Back then, the 54-year-old had sung her praises on his personal Weibo, and rumours started spreading that Jacqueline had caused discord within Lawrence’s family. However, the rumours were denied by Jacqueline, who emphasised that she “does not like married men”.

The next year, she was photographed getting into a car together with Hong Kong actor Johnson Lee, and the two were said to have gone to Johnson’s house together. Jacqueline was also photographed having dinner with Johnson’s mother, with Johnson admitting in an interview that he had brought Jacqueline home for dinner with his family. However, Jacqueline later denied that they were dating.


In 2017, Jacqueline went public with her relationship with Kenneth. However, that very year, she was photographed going to a nightclub to sing karaoke with Hong Kong actor Daniel Chau, even kissing him under the influence of alcohol. However, she later denied the reports, sharing that it was just a gathering amongst friends. Jacqueline also revealed that she’s not close to Daniel, who’s married to Hong Kong TV host Emily Lo. Kenneth also spoke up in defence of Jacqueline.

A voice recording of an anonymous female believed to be Hong Kong actress Alice Chen was also released on Tuesday, discussing Jacqueline’s private life.

“When filming With or Without You in China with (Hong Kong actress) Joey Meng, (we) saw her (Jacqueline) holding hands with (Hong Kong actor) Vincent Wong, who’s married. She’s always sticking so close to men, the two of them (Jacqueline and Kenneth) must have some kind of problem. When they were promoting, Jacqueline even told Joey that she had just gone to Lan Kwai Fong to drink. It was then that I knew that with her playful personality, she wouldn’t last long with Kenneth. She must see Kenneth as dumb (which is why she acts this way),” the female in the recording said.

Alice later denied that the voice in the recording was hers. Hong Kong actress Wong Yee Kam, who acted in With or Without You as well, was later said to be the owner of the voice recording. However, she denied the reports as well, adding that she is not close with Jacqueline.

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