Jacky Wu, KID and Alien Huang attended a press conference for Mr. Player in Taipei on December 17, where Jacky shared his thoughts on Taiwanese actors Sun Peng and Di Ying’s son Sun An Tso being deported to Taiwan after being under arrest in America for allegedly planning a school massacre there.

"I am happy he is back in Taiwan," said Jacky, whose own son Rick caused a scandal when he threatened to blow up Taipei City Hall, resulting in a NT$500,000 (S$22,000) fine. "We should give young people a chance and not say too much at this time, only show our compassion and care."

He then said that he hopes An Tso will think long and hard about what he should do next, and that the most important thing is to not bring shame to his parents.

When asked if he would allow An Tso to join his management company, Jacky laughed and said, "There are enough troublemakers in my company, such as Shin Lung and Candy Chen!"

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