Jacky Wu unsatisfied with S$22,000 fine levied on Rick Wu

His 19-year-old son was slapped with a fine for making a bomb threat, which he later clarified was a joke

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Jacky Wu’s son, Rick Wu, has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately.

He threatened to “blow up Taipei City Hall” and “make everyone pay” on his personal Instagram if his girlfriend did not recover from her illness. This prompted widespread criticism and a police investigation. Rick later made a public apology, and Jacky blamed himself for not bringing up his son well.

The 19-year-old turned up in court yesterday, where he admitted to his wrongs and agreed to write a letter of reflection. The court ruled that he will be put on probation for a year and fined NT$500,000 (S$22,000).

After the ruling, Jacky expressed his dissatisfaction with the verdict. He declared, “He made the post on his personal Instagram account, but they fined him NT$500,000 for that. What I’d like to know is if you think that this is reasonable?”

Calling it “the harshest verdict in history”, Jacky continued that Rick will be paying for it out of his own pocket. “He will take responsibility. He has earned his own money making music”.

Netizens have differing opinions on this sentencing, with some lauding the courts for not going easy on Rick despite the teenager being the son of a famous celebrity, while others said that it was indeed too harsh for his first offence.

Others have pointed out that Jacky seems to be trying to use this opportunity to land himself in the headlines more often, pointing out that the host previously declared that his son would halt all his plans to join showbiz, but soon turned around and announced that his son will be going on a talk show in the coming days.

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