Jacky Wu’s son apologises for making bomb threat

The 19-year-old threatened to blow up Taipei City Hall if his girlfriend doesn’t recover from her illness

jacky wu son
Jacky Wu addresses the media together with his son Rick Wu.

Jacky Wu’s son Rick Wu went too far with a joke when he posted an Instagram story on his personal account and threatened to “blow up Taipei City Hall” and “make everyone pay” if his girlfriend doesn’t recover from her illness.

Screenshots of the picture was circulated and Rick was took in for questioning at the Criminal Investigation Division in Taipei City Police Department for his threat on Sunday night. He left after a 30-minute interrogation and posted an apology on Facebook shortly after.

Rick explained that the bomb threat was a running gag that he had with his army mates, saying, “It was a joke and trash talk with my friends,” and he did not expect followers to screenshot his Instagram story and circulate it.

In his Facebook apology, the 19-year-old expressed that he did not realise that he was seen as a public figure and apologised for his actions.

At an impromptu press conference held in a recording studio where his dad was filming a programme, Rick explained that he did the Instagram story in a moment of folly and “just for fun”.

“I now know it’s an extreme [matter] and not suitable to be cracked as a joke, and I‘m very sorry for the misunderstanding and causing unrest,” Rick said as he bowed and apologised for it.

jacky wu son 2
Screenshot of Rick's Instagram story on the right.

“I was a bad example, it was extremely silly and idiotic. I will be very careful on both my public and private accounts moving forward, and be extra cautious about the kind of content I share and the words used.”

Jacky, who stood beside Rick throughout the press conference, explained the he lost sleep over the incident and was not sure how he should address the media. In fact, the host clarified that the event was held to thank the media for their support towards Rick’s advancement in the music industry – and not as an avenue for him to apologise for his actions.

Musically-inclined Rick, who is currently schooling at the Berklee College of Music, made his debut two weeks ago at Jacky’s Taipei dome concerts.

“I didn’t expect that this would be a press conference for him to announce his departure from the entertainment industry too,” Jacky added, chiding his son as he addressed the media. “The industry does not need someone like you.”

“Stupidity is a mistake that cannot be forgiven. Consider yourself unlucky to have Jacky Wu as your father,” he said.

Before he ended the press conference, the 55-year-old told Rick that he should go overseas and do odd jobs. He also instructed his son to go home and pack his bags and “get out of my way”.

“Dad will see you to here, don’t affect our studio recording,” Jacky said as he nudged his son out of the way.

Photos: PBE Media, Instagram

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