Jacky Wu pens letter to Berklee College of Music

The entertainer hopes for the school to allow his son, Rick Wu, to prove himself

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Taiwanese entertainer Jacky Wu’s son, Rick Wu, made headlines for his "bomb threat" on Instagram last month.

Since then, the duo has held a press conference to apologise for Rick’s actions, with the 19-year-old stepping out of the spotlight to reflect for a few days before announcing his showbiz comeback. Rick was also slapped with a NT$500,000 (S$22,000) fine, which he will be paying with the help of a loan from his sister.

During a recording session for the show Super Entourage yesterday (September 16), Jacky shared that he had penned a letter to the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where Rick is currently studying. The 55-year-old said that he hopes for Rick to be able to one day use his performing skills and music to repay his school.

In his letter, he wrote that he hopes for Berklee to be able to give Rick a chance to turn over a new leaf. “In the future, Berklee will tell the world, that we have an alumnus named Rick Wu,” Jacky wrote.

Jacky also revealed that he had told Rick before he left for the States, “If you don’t want to study, then just come back. If you come back, I’ll comfort you, I don’t have a graduation certificate from school either.”

In the entertainer’s opinion, graduating from school is not necessarily a need, as the rigidity of the education system might sometimes hinder a child’s growth.

“Do you really need school to grow? There are things that you can’t learn from a textbook,” he said.

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