Jacky Wu hopes to perform with Jay Chou

He admitted that he did not invite the Mandopop king to his most recent concert


Jacky Wu held his concert in Taipei last weekend, with numerous celebrity friends sending congratulatory flower stands to the veteran singer. Among those spotted was Jay Chou’s, and the Mandopop king’s card, which read “I’ll never forget my roots, and our bond will never change” shot down all speculation of bad blood between the mentor and disciple.

Some wondered if Jay had rejected Jacky’s invitation to make an appearance at the concert, and was the subject of much speculation after the concert. However, Jacky later admitted that Jay’s absence at the concert was because he wasn’t invited as a guest in the first place.

The 55-year-old clarified, “I’m a fan of Jay’s songs. I really love his songs and the first time I heard them, I felt like I would go as far as selling my blood in order to give him a chance. They told me that selling my blood wouldn’t get me any money, so I decided to sell something else – I sold my house.”

In addition, Jacky shared that he would love to share the stage with his disciple one day, and while he did not set a specific date, he declared, “I’ll invite Jay to the Taipei Arena and sing for all of you.”

Rumours of a rift between the mentor-disciple pair surfaced back in 2015 after Jacky was absent from Jay’s wedding, and despite the pair’s constant clarifications that whatever happened between them is now water under the bridge, some still believe that there is still tension between them.

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