When audience members entered the Hong Kong Coliseum for Joey Yung’s Pretty Crazy Tour concert last night (Aug 5), little did they expect to be in for a massive treat: an appearance by surprise special guest Jacky Cheung.

The Hong Kong Heavenly King rarely shows up at other singers’ concerts, so this was something that even Joey’s fans could never have predicted. In the end, they got the biggest bang for their buck as they witnessed the two stars share the stage for a joint performance of ‘Zhe Me Jin Na Me Yuan’ (literally translated as ‘So Close Yet So Far’).

Unsurprisingly, many people in the crowd were moved to tears. Even Joey looked like she was about to cry herself, but the professional quickly got a hold of her emotions and threw herself into the performance, not wanting to mess up this golden opportunity to collaborate with such a respected senior and icon.

While Jacky’s brief but thrilling appearance was one of the biggest highlights of the showcase and went off without a hitch, Joey admitted that there were a lot of other things that unfortunately did not go according to plan. For instance, she had intended to play the piano, but the instrument was unable to be brought up to the stage. She revealed that there were a number of technical problems as well.

“This is only the first show of my tour. Do you still want me to continue? Would you still buy a ticket to my second show?” she asked. “I’ve been preparing for this tour for so long, but plans can’t keep up with changes, and I’ve really been unable to keep up. But I don’t want to disappoint anybody and will continue working hard!”

In response, her supportive fans began shouting “jiayou!”, clearly unbothered by the issues.

Photos: TPG