After two years and three months, Jacky Cheung held the final show of A Classic Tour at the Hong Kong Coliseum on January 29. Many of his famous friends such as Carina Lau and Shu Qi, as well as his family were in the audience to show their support, including his oldest daughter Zoe, who sat in the front row and shook hands with her father.

"My daughter has become my number one fan," he gushed in an interview after the concert. "She knows a lot of my songs and gave me many encouraging words." When asked if his daughters have any interest in becoming singers like him, Jacky said that it's possible, but added, "Anyone can become a singer if they want, it just depends on what style of performance they favour."

After performing a whopping 233 shows, Jacky admitted that now the tour has come to an end, he feels a bit lost. "I feel as though I've just lost a job and I don't know what to do next!" he quipped. "But I really want to thank everybody who worked with me on this tour."

Jacky then shared that he plans to spend more time with his family and after he recovers from his waist injury, he will start playing more sports. He also stated that he will not be taking on any movie roles for the time being.

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