Jackie Chan tries and fails to go undercover while visiting a store in Japan

He was checking out his brand of sports accessories while in the country

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Celebrities usually have their every move scrutinised by the public. When you’re a superstar, however, it seems that you can’t even catch a break when you’re doing the most plebian of things.

Take multi-hyphenate Jackie Chan for example. The 65-year-old went to Japan on an unannounced personal trip, but was quickly revealed to be in Tokyo by eagle-eyed netizens who spotted him despite his attempts to go undercover.

On November 5, photos of Jackie browsing a household store made the rounds online.

Even though the action star was dressed in a grey tracksuit and tried to stay incognito by donning a black face mask and a pair of glasses, netizens recognised him and snapped photos of him, which were subsequently posted on the internet. One such Twitter post has since racked up over 5,500 retweets, as Jackie was seen walking around the store, posing with staff members in front of a display of his newly launched sports accessories, Action Support Project with Jackie Chan, and looking very happy while carrying an adorable puppy. So much for trying to be low profile.

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Another netizen, who didn’t manage to catch a glimpse of the actor on his surprise visit, posted his support for Jackie and his sports accessories range, which are reported to be priced from 5,780 yen (S$72) and 7,780 yen ($97).

One video of Jackie browsing the store has since received over 32,000 views, with fellow Twitter users remarking that they might not have noticed him if they hadn’t taken a second glance, adding that he looks great for his age.

Photos: PBE Media

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