Jackie Chan's surprised expression becomes a viral meme on Weibo

He was kicked by a young monk while performing on stage


Last Sunday (August 18), Hong Kong martial artist Jackie Chan made an appearance at an event in Beijing. During the event, he took the stage to perform a song, where he met with a small mishap.

As he walked around the stage during his performance, he was kicked by a young monk who was performing martial arts at the side. Jackie’s surprised expression was captured on camera, and screen-captures of the moment soon begun making the rounds online. He later entered the trending searches on Weibo, as the moment went viral soon after.

Although the kick from the young monk seemed to be rather forceful, Jackie quickly recovered his composure, and completed his performance without any other issues. His professionalism was also praised by netizens online. 

Later that night, Jackie took to his Weibo to post a short message addressing the kick. 

“(I’ve) entered the trending search (on Weibo). I do have to apologise to the little monk, because I must have ventured somewhere that I shouldn't have. Thankfully, the young chap’s foot is fine,” he wrote.

Photos: PBE Media

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