Jackie Chan releases tell-all memoir with no mention of illegitimate daughter

The new book touches on a variety of subjects in the action star’s life

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The English version of Chinese action star Jackie Chan’s memoir, ‘Never Grow Up’, is set to hit the stores this month, with reviews of the book by book critics released ahead of time to drum up publicity. 

According to a reporter from The Daily Mail, Jackie admits that he’s a “bad person” in the book, revealing that he had visited prostitutes among other things. In the book, Jackie also shared that he was illiterate, and that he could not even sign his own name at the back of his credit cards. He also shared that he had blown a fair amount of money in the red-light district, and that he had drove while under the influence of alcohol as well.

In ‘Never Grow Up’, Jackie admits and looks back at all his misdeeds, analysing his own actions and past behaviour. However, he made no mention of his illegitimate daughter with actress Elaine Ng, Etta Ng, though he did mention his affair with Elaine.

Reports then speculated that Jackie was trying to erase the presence of Etta in his life, citing his decision to leave out any reference to Etta in his memoir, criticising him for this decision.

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