Jackie Chan: I’m a responsible father

The action star admitted that while he’s not a good father, he’s a responsible one, to say the least

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Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan recently released his latest album, titled, ‘I’m Still Jackie Chan’ in Chinese. Each track in the album is dedicated to someone important in his life, with three tracks dedicated to his son, actor Jaycee Chan. 

In an interview, Jackie admitted that after Jaycee was nabbed for taking drugs in 2014, he felt very conflicted. Though he blamed himself, and his heart ached for his son, he wanted to encourage Jaycee to start over anew.

The 64-year-old revealed that when he had approached Jaycee to collaborate on these songs, his son’s drug scandal had just erupted. At that time, Jaycee felt very down, and refused to record anything. However, Jackie silently finished up the lyrics for ‘Don't Give Up’, and gifted it to Jaycee, along with the other two songs dedicated to him, ‘Intersection' and ‘Heartache’. Jackie had hoped that Jaycee would be able to understand the meaning behind the lyrics, and pull himself together.

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Admitting that he had not brought up Jaycee well, and that his American university education had failed to teach him as well, Jackie mused that, in the end, “it was society that taught him a lesson”.

After his drug arrest, Jaycee has focused on his work projects, which range from movies to music albums. Jackie shared that he was fine with whatever the 36-year-old chose to work on, as long as he “does not make the mistakes he made in the past”.

During the interview, Jackie, who admitted that he was not a good father, asserted that he is still a responsible one. When asked how his wife, former Taiwanese actress Joan Lin would rate him, Jackie shared that the family rarely discusses matters related to this, as they are more traditional.

Jaycee is Jackie and Joan’s only son. Jackie has a illegitimate daughter, Etta Ng with Hong Kong actress Elaine Ng.

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