Action star Jackie Chan visited Taipei on June 12 to promote his first album in 17 years, titled I Am Me. Singer Wakin Chau made a surprise appearance at the press conference to show his support, and praised Jackie’s singing skills.

The album contains songs that are dedicated to his loved ones, such as his late parents, his wife Joan Lin, his son Jaycee Chan, and the members of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. The track ‘Thank You, My Love’, which is dedicated to Joan, was composed by Jay Chou.

“I’ve never been a good lover, but my wife has been able to see enough good in me to cancel out the bad,” he mused. “She has given way more in this relationship than I have, and to have met her is the greatest blessing in my life.”

The song ‘Heartache’, on the other hand’, is about fatherly love and is a gift to his son Jaycee. Jackie shared that when his son was arrested for drug offences almost five years ago, the former finally understood what it meant to be truly anxious. Now that everything has passed, he reported that Jaycee has learned his lesson and is more mature now.

According to Jackie, when he finished recording the album, he let his wife listen to it so she could share her opinions and help to tweak some of the lyrics or vocals. When it came time for her to hear ‘Thank You, My Love’, he said that he hid in a corner to watch her reaction from afar. “She was moved to tears,” he said. “But all she did in the end was to calmly thank me.”

Photos: TPG