Ivy Shao held a press conference in Taipei on May 6 to promote her debut album Drizzle.

TPG reports that the music video for one of the singles, ‘Pretend to Sleep’, was played at the event. The clip stars the Taiwanese actress as well as her rumoured boyfriend, Taiwanese actor Chris Wu, and the pair can be seen engaging in a variety of intimate acts, including a passionate kiss.

When asked what it was like to kiss Chris, Ivy admitted that she was too busy focusing on the technical aspects of the shoot, so she cannot remember what it was like.

“I asked Chris to star in my music video because I know a lot of other singers want to work with him, which ignited my competitive spirit,” she said. Ivy then shared that there was once when Chris actually fell asleep during the shoot, which annoyed her. “I had to wait until I finished filming my part to wake him up.”

Explaining the title of the song, Ivy revealed that she is not someone who “pretends to go to sleep” when it comes to relationships. “I hate cold wars and I hate it when things are not said properly,” she said. “I am willing to get into an argument to solve a problem - I’ve been told that it’s a pity that I didn’t become a lawyer!”

Photos: TPG

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