Ivy Chen reveals her practical reason for not wanting to have a wedding ceremony

The actress registered her marriage and had a baby last year


Last August, Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen announced that she was pregnant with her first child, and that she would be registering her marriage to Taiwanese director Hsu Fu Hsiang. At the time, Ivy revealed that the couple had no plans to have a wedding ceremony or banquet as they were occupied with preparing for the arrival of their first child. Six months later, Ivy gave birth to a healthy baby boy nicknamed “Xiao Chu”. 

She has since returned to work this March, attending media events and roadshows. 

At a promotional event held on September 24, Ivy, who was wearing a white dress, jokingly remarked that she felt as if she was “walking down the aisle at my wedding ceremony”, reigniting speculation of the 36-year-old’s plans to hold a ceremony to celebrate her union with Fu Hsiang.

“We’re not planning to hold a ceremony. We’ve moved on from our honeymoon stage, so right now, the mere thought of organising one tires me out,” Ivy quipped.

However, she appeared to reconsider her answer soon after, laughingly adding that they will still have a wedding ceremony eventually, even if it was only to “collect red packets from everyone”.

The mother-of-one also let on that Xiao Chu is generally easy to take care of, and that the hardest challenge for her as a mother was the lack of sleep.

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