Ivy Chen resumes exercise regime a month after giving birth

The new mother only gained three kilograms during pregnancy


On February 9, Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen welcomed her first child, a baby boy nicknamed ‘Xiao Chu’ via Caesarean section. Last Thursday (March 7), she posted a selfie online, celebrating the end of her confinement period. 

Less than a week later, on March 12, she posted another selfie online, this time, dressed in exercise gear.

In her caption, she shared that she had gone for a 5 kilometre run, writing, “When you realise that the time that you have for yourself is becoming lesser and lesser, you’ll really treasure and begin to make better use of it. Step two (is for me to) regain my physical strength,” she wrote, adding that becoming slower was just a sign that she’s starting to improve.


Her post was met with much concern from her fans, who worried that the actress should not be doing such strenuous exercise so soon after giving birth. 

However, Ivy reassured them by commenting, “Shouldn’t we return to our lives as per normal after our confinement?”

During her pregnancy, Ivy, who is known to be very conscious of her fitness, kept up with her exercise regime, regularly going for runs. Previously, she had shared that she had only gained three kilograms after becoming pregnant.

Ivy registered her marriage with Taiwanese director Hsu Fu Hsiang in August this year after announcing that she was four months pregnant earlier in the same month.

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Ivy Chen goes for a run, despite being 5 months pregnant
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