Ivy Chen is married

The actress tied the knot with Taiwanese director Hsu Fu Hsiang

ivy chen married

Last week, Ivy Chen announced the shocking news that she is four months pregnant and will be marrying her Taiwanese director boyfriend, Hsu Fu Hsiang. A day later, the couple was spotted after registering their marriage, and shared more about their future plans with the media.

When asked why they picked August 17 to register their marriage, Ivy smiled that she wanted it to coincide with Chinese Valentine’s Day. “We won’t forget it so easily, and we can celebrate Valentine’s Day and our wedding anniversary together,” she explained. However, her idea was immediately shot down by Fu Hsiang, who pointed out that Chinese Valentine’s Day falls on a different day every year as it is dependent on the lunar calendar, instead of the Gregorian calendar that is widely used around the world.

As for how Fu Hsiang proposed, the actress admitted that while he did get down on bended knee, she “wasn’t very satisfied with how he did it”. Declining to reveal details, she would only say that it was “rather romantic, and he did what he had to”. She also let on that he proposed with a one-carat diamond ring.

They also discussed their plans for a wedding ceremony down the road, with Ivy sharing that they will only start planning for it after their child is born. Continuing that she does not expect a particularly lavish ceremony, she explained, “I’ve had plenty of those when I was filming. I don’t find those romantic any longer.”

Chuckling that she would hold her ceremony on the streets if she could, she quipped that she feels that hotel weddings are “very expensive”. They also shared that they will only have their honeymoon after the wedding ceremony. Their baby will not be tagging along, as “I’ll definitely hand the baby to my mother. She’s been wanting to carry a baby for a long time, and she even went to take a course on how to be a confinement nanny!”

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